Veneers, Newmarket, ON

If there are small imperfections in the appearance of your teeth, you may be a good candidate for veneers. Contact us in Newmarket, ON to learn more!

Veneers, Newmarket, ON
There are a number of situations in which you might not be satisfied with the appearance of your front teeth. Perhaps you have a slight gap that you are unhappy with, or maybe they have become discoloured due to smoking or drinking lots of coffee. In instances such as this, you may be a good candidate for dental veneers.

At Amberwood Dental Centre in Newmarket, ON, we endeavour to use the least-invasive treatment possible when correcting your smile, and veneers will often fit this goal. Veneers are a very thin shell that is bonded to the front of your teeth. We try to use this technique instead of crowns whenever it is feasible to do so because veneers often do not require any anesthesia, or at least very little.

You will need more than one visit to our dental clinic for this procedure. The first visit will be to diagnose your situation and come up with a treatment plan. Whether you will need one additional visit or two will depend on whether the plan includes composite resin veneers or ceramic veneers. During your first visit, we will explain thoroughly the difference between the two, what is involved in the procedure, the maintenance you can expect, and what the realistic expectation is. We want you to fully understand everything about veneers, so you can make an educated decision about whether to proceed or to consider another option.

Veneers are very close in appearance to your natural teeth and will improve your smile tremendously. Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to assess your situation to see if veneers make sense for you.

At Amberwood Dental Centre, we perform dental veneers for residents of Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Holland Landing, and Mount Albert, Ontario.