Family DentistYou see quite a few professionals when you are going through a pregnancy. You may have begun with a fertility specialist, and then on to an obstetrician to manage your pregnancy, labour and the birth of your child, and then there is that visit or two to your family dentist. Wait, what? Your dentist is part of your pregnancy team? Absolutely! In fact, you should schedule a visit with your family dentist to discuss your plans even before you become pregnant, if at all possible. There is a huge relationship between oral health and overall health, and this is especially true during pregnancy. So, definitely put your family dentist on your pregnancy team.

Prior to becoming pregnant, it is a good idea for you to resolve any oral health issues you may have. Periodontal disease in particular can cause complications in pregnancy, such as an increased rate of pre-eclampsia, preterm delivery and even a low birth weight baby. There is even some evidence to suggest that new mothers can transmit bacteria present due to oral health issues to their newborn.

Another reason for keeping your family dentist in the loop about your pregnancy is that hormonal changes during pregnancy can spark certain dental concerns, such as an overgrowth of gum tissue, which is common enough to be called “pregnancy tumours.” Increased levels of gingivitis are also common. Your family dentist will need to know if you are pregnant when you visit, as some dental treatments, such as x-rays and certain medications, should be avoided during pregnancy.

If you are looking for a family dentist in the Newmarket, ON area to be on your pregnancy team, give us a call at Amberwood Dental Centre. We will be happy to help you in maintaining your oral and dental health during your pregnancy, as well as answer questions about when to begin professional dental care for your child.