What You Should Expect from Your Family Dentistry Practice

Choosing a family dentistry practice is an important decision. Your family dentistry practice will be caring for your whole family’s oral health. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice by starting your relationship with a consultation. At this first appointment, you can discuss the details of your family. How many adults and children will be needing family dentistry care? What are their ages? Have any of them had negative experiences that may have caused them to fear the dentist?

You are looking for an atmosphere that would be welcoming to your whole family. You want a dentist and hygienist who will answer questions with honesty, patience and knowledge. You want a receptionist who is welcoming and helpful. You want reasonable wait times. This is especially important if you have small children. A waiting area specifically for children is a big perk.

Education is another area you may want to find out about. Family dentistry requires a breadth of knowledge and training. You want to know that your dentist is constantly learning and can provide you with the latest technology advances and new procedures that may save your family pain or lengthy dental work. Don’t be afraid to ask whether your dentist belongs to any professional organizations.

Don’t feel like you must use the family dentistry practice that you first visit. If you don’t feel confident in your selection of a dentist, check out other dentists in your area. Not all dentists are well-suited to practicing family dentistry, and you and your whole family deserve a welcoming, family-friendly environment, which we can provide for you at Amberwood Dental Centre.