Top 5 Benefits of Preventative General DentistryGeneral dentistry offers proper care and treatment for your teeth.  You are probably familiar with the regular routine at the dentist: x-rays, cleaning, and examination for decay or disease.  If you’ve been a regular dental patient, you may not realize the benefits you have been receiving by keeping up with your general dentistry visits.  But did you know that if you stopped going to the dentist, your mouth would no longer be the sparkling clean place that it has been?  Regular brushing and flossing each day can only do so much.  Here are the top 5 benefits of preventative dental care:

  1. Whiter teeth.  Yes, this may be a vain one, but aren’t we all hoping for that beautiful white smile?  Preventative care will help you attain that.  Daily brushing, especially with whitening toothpaste, can help remove plaque and increase the whiteness of your teeth.  Regular dental cleanings will help the most by removing tough plaque and any food stains that may be present.
  2. Better breath. There are few things worse than being embarrassed by bad breath.  Good dental hygiene can help and has been shown to assist in success in social situations and even in career advancement.
  3. Fewer cavities. Regular care of your teeth means less of a chance for tooth decay.  Fewer cavities mean fewer fillings, which is always good news!
  4. Avoid tooth loss. Not having to deal with cavities or periodontal disease also means you won’t be dealing with more serious tooth decay problems or bone loss that can lead to tooth loss.  If your teeth decay to a certain point, the only solution is extraction and replacement with dentures or dental implants.  Avoid this fate by keeping up with your dental hygiene regimen!
  5. Prevent serious health problems.  Studies have shown that tooth decay and disease may be related to more serious issues, such as heart disease. Can you think of any better reason to start flossing?

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