special challenges of family dentistry

A dentist with a standard practice may accept clients in a general way, without extra amenities to accommodate those waiting. That waiting room may include a fish tank and pile of magazines and not much else. This situation may not reflect on the dentist’s skills but it definitely reflects on that clinic’s mandate, insofar as that facility isn’t particularly interested in the special challenges of family dentistry, which includes making sure the children aren’t forgotten about.

An adult can sit and wait with no problem. It’s not the same for kids, and everyone knows it; kids have higher energy levels. Their vitality can turn to boredom or anxiety fast, and this can be a problem. Anyone waiting with a bored and anxious child knows this. If a child isn’t occupied, they can become upset and spread their anxiety around. Part of the art of family dentistry is addressing this situation.

You’ll find our office at Amberwood Dental Centre understands how these problems are properly addressed. Our facility includes a play room for kids and our staff is trained to be sensitive to children. We keep abreast of developments in new dental techniques, including less invasive styles of dentistry, and how to be gentler as dentists so your youngsters can come away with a positive impression of going to the dentist.

And finally, we offer free parking, partly for the convenience. Parents need allies in this world, and practitioners of family dentistry need to understand that. We do!