The Importance of Regular Dental Visits with Teeth CleaningWhen you visit your dentist every three to six months, you are not only going to see if you have any cavities.  In fact, the main reason for your visit two to four times a year is to prevent those cavities from ever forming in the first place by having a professional teeth cleaning.

Daily brushing and flossing definitely helps prevent cavities, but did you know that there are tough plaque spots that you can’t remove with your daily regimen?  This is why professional teeth cleaning is so important: it is your opportunity to have the tartar (or mineralized plaque) removed from your teeth to keep them healthy and white.

Your regular dental visits will always include a thorough teeth cleaning, which consists of your dental hygienist using specialized tools to scale, polish, and debride your teeth.  Wonder what exactly that means?  Take a look:

  • Tooth Scaling: The scraping of plaque and tarter off of the surface of the tooth with a sharp metal instrument called a hand scaler. Don’t worry—it doesn’t hurt!
  • Tooth Polishing: The process of polishing the surface of the tooth to make it smooth in order to resist plaque buildup.
  • Debridement: The use of ultrasonic instruments on the tooth to break up particularly stubborn or thick areas of calculus or plaque that cannot be removed simply by scaling.

If it’s been awhile since your last teeth cleaning, contact us at Amberwood Dental Centre today to schedule an appointment.