The Benefits of Using Dental Sports GuardsIf you play contact sports, sports guards for your teeth can be invaluable. Sports guards help to protect your teeth from injury. Appliances made from resilient plastic that encase your teeth and adjacent jawbone, sports guards protect the soft and hard tissues of the mouth (teeth, lips, cheeks, bone, and gums) by absorbing and redistributing the force created by traumatic blows.

While you may think that sports guards are most needed in sports such as hockey and lacrosse, studies have shown that they are just as invaluable in sports such as basketball and soccer. In fact, basketball players are twice as likely to sustain a mouth injury as those playing football.

Wearing sports guards can provide many benefits:

  1. Protection for teeth: One of the most obvious benefits, sports guards protect the teeth and dental work from damage caused by tooth-to-tooth or tooth-to-object impact. The sports guard absorbs the energy of a blow and redistributes it over a greater surface area, reducing the possibility of teeth chipping, breaking, or dislodging.
  2. Soft-tissue protection: Sports guards act as a buffer between hard and soft surfaces in the mouth. Blows to the face can force a person’s cheeks against their teeth, causing the inside of the mouth to be pierced or torn.
  3. Jawbone protection: Wearing sports guards may help to prevent jawbone fracture by minimizing the total amount of force that the jawbone must absorb.
  4. Concussion prevention: Some studies suggest that wearing sports guards may reduce the incidence or severity of concussions.

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