many options available to you for teeth whitening

Having brilliant white teeth can give you confidence to share your smile. As we age, our teeth tend to gradually turn yellow, even if we practice good oral hygiene. This process happens even faster if you drink coffee, soda, and wine often, as these products all break through the enamel of your teeth leaving them discoloured. Yellow teeth are also especially prevalent with smokers. Did you know that even excessive amounts of fluoride can cause teeth to turn yellow? No matter what has caused your teeth to turn yellow, there are many options available to you for teeth whitening.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

  • Economical – Methods such as teeth whitening tooth paste and whitening rinses are affordable. However, the process is gradual and can only remove surface level stains.
  • Can Cause Increased Sensitivity – If your teeth are sensitive, you’ll want to talk with your dentist before using any over-the-counter teeth whitening products.
  • Help prevent future staining – When used in combination with professional products, over-the-counter methods can help prevent future staining.
  • Temporary Results – Products such as gel strips can be effective, but results typically only last up to twelve months

Dental Office Teeth Whitening

  • Individually designed – Your dentist can create a procedure specifically designed for you and the needs of your teeth. If using a tray, they can create a mold custom fit to you.
  • Safe – Your dentist will not use any methods that could harm your teeth.
  • Effective – Dental office teeth whitening can break through severe stains that over-the-counter products can’t.
  • Rapid Results – Dental office whitening procedures have more potency and thus show results faster.

Before choosing any teeth whitening method, you should check with your dentist. At Amberwood Dental Centre, we are happy to help you achieve the bright white smile you wish for.