Preventative Dentistry: What It Is and Why It’s So ImportantPreventative dentistry is a term that includes all activities involved in maintaining healthy teeth.  Why the word preventative? Because these maintenance activities help you to prevent tooth decay and damage.  Simple daily tasks such as brushing and flossing are combined with regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist to provide a well-rounded care plan that really will prevent most dental problems you could encounter.  So if the pain of a cavity being filled makes you cringe (who wouldn’t want to avoid someone drilling into your tooth?), pay attention to what you can do to prevent those nasty cavities from forming in the first place.

Preventative dentistry includes:

  • Daily tooth care, including brushing at least twice a day (morning and night, and preferably after every meal) and flossing at least once each day before bedtime.
  • Visits to the dentist every 3-6 months for regular dental cleanings.  These dental cleanings are vital to your preventative care because they remove any plaque that you may have missed with regular brushing and give your teeth the added protection of fluoride.
  • Healthy eating and drinking habits to protect your teeth. Avoid habits or foods that will stain your teeth or eat away at the enamel, including smoking, soda, wine, sugar, tea and coffee.

If you take care of your teeth properly with preventative dentistry, you will keep your teeth healthy and white, and they will last far longer for you.