preventative dentistry are commonly known practices

Keeping your teeth healthy is a high priority for many people. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily, avoiding sugary foods, and seeing your dentist twice a year for preventative dentistry are commonly known practices that many people already include in their routine. Here are a few lesser known tips for good oral health:

  1. Drink lots of water – Drinking plenty of water throughout the day washes away bits of food that can harm your teeth. Also, by drinking enough water, you’re less likely to drink sugary sodas.
  2. Snacking on almonds and cheese – Both of these foods are high in calcium and protein, like casein which is found in cheese, which work against the bacteria and acids that cause tooth decay.
  3. Brush your tongue – Plaque can build up on your tongue, so a regular brushing can prevent bad breath while helping your teeth.
  4. Include mouthwash in your daily regimen – Mouthwash helps remove bacteria from hard to reach areas, reduces the amount of acid in your mouth, and re-mineralizes your teeth.
  5. Use a mouth guard – When playing rougher sports, do your teeth a favour by protecting them with a mouth guard. This is not limited to contact sports like football and wrestling. Several other sports like rock climbing and skate boarding can also put your teeth at risk.
  6. Get outside – Like protein and calcium, Vitamin D is essential to keeping your teeth and gums strong.

Here at Amberwood Dental Centre, we are dedicated to providing for all of your dental health needs. Part of that is offering excellent preventative dentistry. Our highly trained and caring staff can help you feel comfortable and assured that we are keeping a careful watch over your oral health. For the best in preventative dentistry, give us a call today.