Make Each Visit to the Dentist a Positive Experience with Children’s DentistryDo you remember visiting the dentist as a child?  Dental visits are a source of fear and anxiety for many . . . and some don’t grow out of it when they are no longer children!  If you visit the average dental office today, it is probably a common sight to see a child struggling against a parent while trying to escape or avoid sitting in the dreaded treatment chair.

As a parent, you want to make sure your child feels comfortable and safe.  It is especially important that kids develop a great attitude towards dental visits because their attitude will set the tone for lifelong habits of tooth care.  So how can you encourage your children to enjoy visits to the dentist?  The answer is simple: children’s dentistry.

At Amberwood Dental, children’s dentistry is, as the name implies, dental care focused on children and their needs.  A dentist who offers children’s dentistry services will help to ease the fears and nervousness of your child.  Children have different needs and different teeth than adults; a children’s dentist is aware of the differences and will be an excellent provider of dental care and emotional support.

It is always a good idea to visit the dentist before the actual appointment to allow your child to become familiar with the office and the people there. If you can tell that your child is beginning to form fearful associations with his current dentist, it may be time to switch.  Look for a dental office that offers children’s dentistry; this is a signal to you as a parent that the dentist has experience with children.