If your smile isn’t what you’d like it to be, give us a call in Newmarket, ON to set up a consultation to discuss cosmetic dentistry.

There are three main components of dentistry. There are preventative or maintenance procedures, such as cleanings and x-rays, which are designed to avoid dental issues from occurring or progressing. There are also restorative procedures for dealing with problems that come up, such as cavities and chipped teeth. The third is called cosmetic dentistry, and it deals with improving the appearance of your teeth.

Although cosmetic dentistry is mostly about appearance, it can also be beneficial for good oral health and even overall wellness. Teeth that are not properly aligned are not just unattractive, but they can also affect you in other ways. At Amberwood Dental Centre in Newmarket, ON, we deal with various types of cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to not only give you the best smile possible, but also avoid those issues that can lead to other problems. We take the time with you to discuss your specific dental issues and how you could benefit from cosmetic dentistry, such as whitening, veneers and tooth reshaping. We understand that a great smile can also do wonders for a person’s self-esteem.

We are a full-service dental centre, so you can rely on us for any of the types of oral procedures you might need, including dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening and more. If your smile isn’t what you’d like it to be, give us a call to set up a consultation to discuss cosmetic dentistry and what it can do for you. We offer evening and weekend hours for your convenience. You’ll love our comfortable dental centre and dedicated, experienced staff!