Maintaining good dental hygiene does not just happen in the dentist office; it is important to make sure you develop good habits at home. Parents can help children develop good dental hygiene starting at an early age to help them have healthy teeth. Here are a few ways you can help your children start healthy habits:

  • Make Dental Hygiene a Part of the Bedtime Routine — Routines vary from home to home, but most children like to take part in a bedtime ritual. In addition to reading a story or singing a song, make sure that children brush their teeth as part of their bedtime routine. Daily attention to dental hygiene is essential for healthy teeth.
  • Do Not Forget to Floss — Flossing is an essential habit for healthy gums and teeth. Children can start flossing at an early age. Usually, between ages two and six, children’s teeth will grow closely together. If you develop the habit of flossing early, children will carry this habit on as they get older
  • Lead By Example — Children notice the actions of their parents. As you brush and floss your teeth daily, you will be an example to your children of good dental hygiene. This will help your children understand that brushing their teeth daily is important.

We look forward to working with you and your children as you develop healthy dental hygiene habits!