General Dentistry

Mouth guards help preserve the health, strength, and appearance of your teeth. We recommend mouth guards as part of our general dentistry practice when patients see certain symptoms in their teeth, such as evidence of grinding or chipping. Here are a few of the main uses of mouth guards in general dentistry treatments:

  • Protecting Your Teeth from Grinding Together — Grinding your teeth may not sound like much of a problem, but it can cause health problems if the condition persists over an extended period. Many people may not realize they grind their teeth because they do it in their sleep. Mouth guards can be a help here to protect teeth from grinding together during sleep.
  • Protecting Your Teeth During Sports — Not all mouth guards work primarily during sleep. Sports guards are a special type of guard designed to protect teeth during contact sports. There are several types of sports guards, but all are designed to protect the mouth from blows to the head and face.
  • Treating Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD) – This is a disorder that affects the joints of the jaw. Jaw pain is a primary symptom of TMJD, though not all jaw pain is a result of this condition. There may be a variety of causes of TMJD, including genetic factors and arthritis. However, with proper treatment, TMJD can be a short-lived condition. The use of mouth guards is one treatment of TMJD.

There are many causes of jaw pain, and many different ways mouth guards address those symptoms. To find out if a mouth guard might be a good fit for your general dentistry needs, contact our office to schedule an appointment.