dental hygienist who’s family-oriented

Your family’s dental health requires good dental hygiene, so it’s a common parental mission to find a dental hygienist who’s family-oriented. This means that the facility has more to do than provide a competent dental hygienist. You need that dental hygienist who provides a good space for kids and knows how to correctly deal with them.

Having a few adults sitting in a waiting room perusing magazines is no problem, but kids present an extra challenge. They can get bored and anxious and act out. This creates an unpleasant environment for everyone, and yet it’s not the parent’s fault of the dental hygienist doesn’t put any thought into creating a proper space for children. Nor is doing so enough: the staff has to be trained in handling kids so everyone is at ease. These site-specific requirements are important so your kids grow with a positive impression of dental hygiene.  Insensitivity in this regard can create avoidable misery.

We at Amberwood Dental Centre provide a family-friendly environment where your kids’ feelings matter. With a play area for children and a staff attuned to their needs, we are your family’s solution when seeking a dental hygienist.  We’re family-friendly experts in the world of dentistry, forward-looking in the field and caring about the community. We even have free parking because paying for it while wrangling kids can be rough. Your family deserves a dental hygienist that understands what it takes to be a family in this busy world.