Family DentistryAre you tired of juggling all the different necessary appointments for you and your children?  If you could have the same specialized dental care for your children at your own dental centre, wouldn’t you drop your pediatric dentist and save you the headache and gas money of juggling one more appointment?  We know we would.  Family dentistry offers care focused on the entire family—children and adults— so you can have all of your dental visits at the same office.

At Amberwood Dental Centre, we offer family dentistry and have experience treating children, teens and adults.  We offer expert care with extensive knowledge in every need your family may have, including baby teeth, wisdom teeth, or even root canals.  Do you have a teenager who plays sports?  Bring him or her in to get fit for a mouth guard.  Are you worried about your child’s first visit to the dentist?  Come to our office for a positive experience geared toward helping children feel comfortable with the dentist.

Our team of qualified hygienists and dentists will help keep your family happy and your family’s teeth healthy.  We accept patients of any age, and will make sure that each visit is a great one.  We are happy to offer family dentistry and help make dental visits easier.