Studies show that 25% of people suffer from dental anxiety. Fear of the dental clinic and visiting the dentist is common in both children and adults. Dealing with your dental phobia can be a hard thing to do, however, if not dealt with, you risk the possibility of poor oral health, which can lead to long-term dental health problems that can be expensive to correct.

Dental Anxiety Tips on How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dental Clinic

If you are experiencing fear about visiting a dental clinic for a checkup, here are some tips to help you overcome your feelings.

  1. Use distraction techniques. There are many ways to distract yourself from what the dentist is doing when they are looking at your teeth. Typically the dental clinic will play soothing music or even allow you to bring your own ear buds and iPod to listen to while the surgery is being performed. If you need more visual stimulation, our clinic at Amberwood Dental Centre offers TVs mounted on the wall and ceiling, so you can watch a movie or a show to take your mind off of the situation.
  2. Try relaxation techniques. When you are in the dentist chair, try tightening and then relaxing each of the muscles in your body. Tense your legs, relax;, your arms, relax; your hands, relax; and so on until you feel all of the tension release from your body. This will not only distract your mind, but also to make you feel more comfortable and less anxious.
  3. Feel as if you are in control. Many people experience dental anxiety about the dental clinic because they are not in control of the situation. Make sure you ask your dentist to go at a pace that you are comfortable with. This may mean that you spread the treatment out over multiple visits, or that you take the first visit to simply sit in the chair and nothing else. Taking steps to overcome your fear will help to ease your anxiety at each subsequent dental visit.
  4. Visit a supportive dentist. Make sure you tell your dentist beforehand that you suffer from anxiety. Feel free to ask as many questions are you like to help you ease your mind about your dental treatment. Also, ask your dentist for a step-by-step guide of what the dental procedure entails so you can be better mentally prepared for what is to come and so your dentist can help you to feel as comfortable as possible.

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