Dental and Oral Health Care as We Age

Ever wonder why some people encounter dental issues far before retirement, yet others keep a full set of teeth throughout their life? If you knew someone who falls into the latter category and asked them about their dental and oral health care regime, you’d probably learn that they never missed brushing their teeth or going for regular dental checkups and cleanings. There are some changes that occur later in life that can make it more challenging, however. Here are a few things to consider that you may need to combat to keep your beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Dry Mouth – Your mouth could become drier as you age, which increases the chance for tooth decay because saliva helps clean the teeth. There are nearly 2,000 medications on the market (OTC and prescribed) that can worsen dry mouth conditions. Your dental professional may recommend more frequent brushing and dentist visits to help keep decay at bay. There are also products on the market to help overcome dry mouth.
Mobility – At some point, it may become more difficult to get to your dental office, so you might be tempted to forego your twice-a-year visits. The best solution is to consider asking for transportation, as there are volunteer drivers in most communities who can help. Friends and family are often willing to, as well. You might also struggle with a health issue that puts oral health to the back of your mind, but don’t forget that oral health is important for overall health, too.

Here at Amberwood Dental Centre in Newmarket, Ontario, we want to help you continue your dental and oral health care far into your retirement years, so you can maintain the smile you deserve. We can’t stress enough that dental care is vital at all ages, but as you age, it can be even more imperative in order to keep as many teeth as possible and prevent oral health-related health problems. Contact us today to learn more.