Cutting-Edge Technologies You May See in a Modern Dental Clinic

Your dental clinic has come a long way from the fearful scenes of dentistry from 50-100 years ago. The modern dental clinic has a whole host of cutting-edge technologies that make dental procedures and patient care more effective and less painful.

Here is a list of some of the cutting-edge technologies you may see and experience at a modern dental clinic:

  • Digital x-rays are much faster and use much less radiation (up to 90% less) than traditional x-rays. They can also appear on the computer screen in seconds and even allow your dentist to zoom in on potential problems.
  • Dental implants allow patients to have teeth replacements that look and feel like natural teeth. These implants are permanent and maintain natural facial contours.
  • Various technologies make dental procedures faster and less painful for patients. New whitening techniques are also significantly faster and easy than previous methods.
  • Oral cancer screening technology