Dental HygienistHave you ever noticed that you spend a good portion of your time at the dentist with a dental hygienist?  What would your visit be like without the portion that includes the hygienist?  Dental hygienists are responsible for examining your teeth and executing the preventative care that will keep your teeth healthy.  They take x-rays, check the health of your gums, look for cavities, and give your teeth a thorough cleaning.  These regular cleanings remove plaque from your teeth that cannot be removed by regular brushing.  Your dental hygienist also applies sealants and fluoride to your teeth—protective substances that help prevent future cavities.

Dental hygienists are not only treatment providers; they are also patient educators.  If you want healthy teeth that will last for years, listen to your hygienist!  The advice they offer is not simply a nice suggestion—it is a proven course of action that will help your teeth remain strong and clean throughout your life.  Plus, your dental hygienist has been through rigorous education and training before meeting you.

So the next time you visit your dentist, take a minute to express appreciation for the work done by your dental hygienist.  Your teeth are much better off with their care!