Cosmetic DentistIf you are like millions of Canadians who are embarrassed by their teeth, you may be looking for solutions so you feel more confident with your smile. When you are looking for answers, finding the right cosmetic dentist can really give you the confidence you are looking for by providing alternatives for improved tooth and oral health. Here are three great services a cosmetic dentist can provide:

  • Veneers – Veneers are designed to cover your original teeth so you have a straighter, whiter, more brilliant smile. These have been very popular through the years because of their safe and effective application.
  • Implants – If you have serious concerns about the health of your mouth or if your teeth are cracked and broken, dental implants offer a fresh outlook for those who need an alternative solution for their smile. While these take special care, they can also provide the complete smile you have been missing.
  • Whitening – Yes, there are plenty of at-home whitening kits. But did you know your cosmetic dentist can actually whiten your teeth faster and more effectively at the office? If you want to show your brilliant smile at work, school, or a social event, whitening is a great way to achieve your goal.

At Amberwood Dental Centre, we are your go-to cosmetic dentist because we can help you achieve all your oral health goals. Whether you have questions about the benefits of implants and veneers or you simply want to rid yourself of stained teeth with a whitening treatment, we offer these options and more to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our dental services. We are ready to assist you!