4 Signs You Need to See an Emergency Dentist Right Away

Generally speaking, you should see a dentist at our office every six months for a cleaning and checkup. Although most people are aware of this, it’s harder to tell when you need to see an emergency dentist about a dental problem. Here are just four signs that indicate you need to see an emergency dentist at our office right away:

  1. A lost tooth — If a permanent, adult tooth gets knocked out because of an injury or trauma, it’s critical to seek the help of an emergency dentist. Do not wait until our normal business hours for assistance. The quicker you’re able to make an emergency appointment, the more likely it will be that we’ll be able to save your tooth.
  2. Persistent tooth pain — Some types of tooth pain can be minor and go away after a day or two. Others may be extremely intense and persist for several days at a time. If you’ve been dealing with a painful toothache for a few days, it’s best to come into our office for help.
  3. A cracked or broken tooth — Tooth decay, major cavities, or even chewing on something hard or sticky can result in a cracked or broken tooth. While you may be able to go about life as normal with a tooth that’s not in good shape, doing so can create additional damage. See an emergency dentist at our office right away if this happens to you.
  4. A persistent headache — Have you had the same headache for a month or more? If so, this pain could be related to a tooth problem, and it should be addressed by our office right away.