Emergency Dentist, Newmarket, ON

If you need an emergency dentist appointment in Newmarket, ON, contact us at Amberwood Dental Centre.

There is no pain like tooth pain! It can be so debilitating that you require immediate attention. At Amberwood Dental Centre, we recognize that tooth pain sometimes just cannot wait until Monday, or even until tomorrow, which is why we offer an emergency dentist option if you need it.

There are a lot of reasons why you may need an emergency dentist. A toothache caused by something lodged in between the teeth or an infection in the gums is one of the more common causes of tooth pain. You may also require an emergency dentist if you have a cracked or broken tooth, have knocked-out one or more teeth, have lost a filling or crown or broken a bracket or wire on your braces. An abscess, a pocket of infection that has formed and looks like a pimple on the gums, is also a serious cause for concern and requires an emergency dentist trip.

Often, waiting to see a dentist not only means suffering longer in pain, but could also mean a much more expensive and extensive fix later on. Serious oral health problems can occur if you wait too long with one or more of these emergency problems.

If you live in the Newmarket, Ontario area, and have a dental emergency, contact us today at Amberwood Dental Centre. Our office staff is friendly and welcoming, and the office is comfortable and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that will help alleviate your tooth pain and get you on your way. While we don’t wish tooth pain on anyone, we do hope to see you soon for your emergency dentist needs.

At Amberwood Dental Centre, our emergency dentist proudly serves residents of Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Holland Landing, and Mount Albert, Ontario.