Veneers, Mount Albert, ON

Veneers are a viable option for improving your smile in a less-invasive manner.

Veneers in Mount Albert, Ontario
Some dental issues arise because of an injury, ineffective oral health practices, and lifestyle practices. Others are not related to any cause but can still be an appearance issue you’d rather not have. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your front teeth, dental veneers could be the answer. Here at Amberwood Dental Centre, we can improve your smile to overcome such issues like a slight gap or discolouration that can’t be resolved with whitening techniques.

We always offer options for a great smile that are as non-invasive as possible, and veneers is one of those that works well in that regard. Veneers are a very thin shell that is bonded to the front of your teeth and is a simple enough procedure to be done without anesthesia, in most cases. This makes them a popular choice over crowns.

Your first visit will involve determining if you are a good candidate for dental veneers and to determine whether composite resin or ceramic veneers is the best course of action. We’ll go over what to expect during the procedure, what maintenance is involved, and answer all your questions, so you can decide if you want to proceed. We will also discuss how many visits would be needed and any related costs.

Veneers are a popular choice for those who want a natural look that improves their smile. If you are unhappy with your smile, call us to schedule an appointment to learn more about whether veneers would make sense for your situation.

At Amberwood Dental Centre, we perform dental veneers for residents of Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Holland Landing, and Mount Albert, Ontario.