Family Dentistry, Mount Albert, ON

Choose a Dentist You and Your Kids Will Love.

Family Dentistry in Mount Albert, OntarioWe know how important – and challenging – it can be to ensure you and your family have easy access to the best oral care when you need it most. At Amberwood Dental Care, our family dentistry services are designed with both adults and children in mind. Whether you have little ones or teenagers, our staff has experience treating patients from as young as 1 year old, all the way through adulthood, and including the later stages in life.

Our comprehensive family dentistry services can provide you with routine check-ups and cleaning (recommended 2 or more times a year), and our team has the expertise to be able to assist with more complicated dental work like implants and crowns. We also provide cosmetic services, like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to be the one place for all your family dentistry needs, and our talented staff can assist you in making the best decision for your family.

At Amberwood Dental Care, we know some children may find the experience of visiting a dentist a little overwhelming, and we have created as friendly and warm an environment as possible to ensure your child feels comfortable and in control throughout the entire visit. If you’re looking for a professional and personable practice that is focused on family dentistry in the Mount Albert, Ontario area, look no further! Call us today to speak with one of our friendly staff; we’d love to hear from you!

At Amberwood Dental Centre, we offer high-quality family dentistry services for residents of Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Holland Landing, and Mount Albert, Ontario.