children’s dentist should put the comfort of your child first

You and your child have different needs when it comes to visiting the dentist. These differences become evident when you compare a dentist with an all-adult clientele to a children’s dentist. The latter category needs all the skills of the former, and a few more as well.

These additional skills include the realm of environment: in what sort of space do you want your kids to sit and wait? Is sitting around to wait in a small room with adults reading magazines really the best climate for your child? No, it’s not. To discover this for yourself, simply think back to when you were a child, waiting your turn. An adult waiting room is a breeding ground for childhood boredom and anxiety. Everyone knows this and so should any children’s dentist.

We at Amberwood Dental Centre understand this and have created an ideal dental environment for you and your family. Our facility includes a play room for kids and staff who are trained to interact with kids properly. Our dentists are trained in the latest techniques in dentistry, including non-invasive methods and gentleness so that your children won’t have anything to fear.

Your children’s dentist should put the comfort of your child first. That’s a simple truth: a bunch of happy kids is less difficult than a bunch of unhappy ones. The reduction of anxiety we strive for makes childhood dentistry less traumatic for everyone. We want your kids to have a positive view of dentistry and strive to make that a reality.