Children’s DentistIt is not uncommon for parents to seek a children’s dentist mostly for curative situations rather than taking a proactive preventative approach to oral health care. The sad part is, that may be a contributing factor as to why so many people feel anxiety about going to the dentist. Even parents who start dental preventative care at a young age may be missing out on a great opportunity to put their child on a better path.

Rather than wait until your child has most of their baby teeth before seeking a children’s dentist, new studies show that orientation with a children’s dentist can begin even before six months of age. At the very latest, pediatric dental clinics recommend the first visit at one year of age. This visit is ideal for assessing oral health and providing counseling for developing good oral habits. Regular visits at young ages build a report with the dental staff and sets it in your child’s mind that trips to the dentist are completely normal and safe. It is also ideal for dealing with issues early while preventing many of the problems that children can experience without good oral hygiene.

At Amberwood Dental Centre in Newmarket, Ontario, we endeavour to put your entire family at ease with each and every visit. We are here to answer questions and provide the foundation for a lifetime of great smiles, which is what a children’s dentist seeks more than anything else. Call us today to schedule your child’s first appointment, and we’ll make them smile here and for the rest of their life.