Mouth guards are flexible devices that are fitted to your teeth to wear for a variety of different activities. They help to protect your teeth from damage and wear-and-tear. If you are an athlete, mouth guards are especially important to protect your teeth during activities that include physical contact, such as ice hockey, lacrosse, boxing, and martial arts.

The 3 Types of Mouth Guards and Their Advantages

Mouth guards are available in three types: Stock mouth guards, custom mouth guards, and mouth-formed mouth guards.

Mouth Guards

  • Stock mouth guards, easily purchased at drug stores and sporting goods stores, come ready to wear. They are the least expensive of the three options, but they may not fit well, since they are “one-size-fits-all”. They are also the least comfortable and protective since they are only made of rubber or poly-vinyl. These mouth guards tend to be bulky and might make talking and/or breathing difficult, since they require the jaw to hold them in place. They are ideal for sports and exercises that require you to wear mouth guards for only a short period of time.
  • Custom mouth guards are the most expensive of the three types. However, since they are custom-fitted, they provide the best fit and comfort, as well as protection because they are cast to perfectly fit your individual teeth. To get a custom-fitted mouth guard, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth and a technician will use it as a mould to create the mouth guard.
  • Mouth-formed mouth guards can either be boil-and-bite or a shell liner. Boil-and-bite guards are made of thermoplastic. They are placed in boiling water and then moulded to the teeth when subjected to biting pressure. These mouth guards can be reheated and refitted if they are not initially comfortable. A shell liner mouth guard is lined with acrylic gel or rubber that moulds to the teeth and sets to keep its shape.

Regardless of the type of mouth guard you get, make sure you are using something to protect your teeth during contact sports and activities. The amount of money you will spend getting a quality mouth guard will never compare to the endless amounts of money you could spend on dental repair if you don’t use one.

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