How to Deal with a Chipped Tooth

If you are suffering from a chipped tooth, you are not alone.  Many experience a piece of tooth chipping off for various reasons at some point in their lives.  Injury, accidents, and tooth decay are common causes of a chipped tooth.  Whatever the cause, your dentist can help fix the problem.  For now—until you can make it to the dentist—try to take care of your chipped tooth appropriately to prevent more damage from happening.  Here’s what you need to know when dealing with a chipped tooth:


  • Cover any sharp edges of the broken tooth with a soft barrier, such as sugar-free gum.
  • Try to only eat soft foods and avoid using the chipped tooth.
  • Feel free to take regular pain medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.


  • Eat anything hard, such as candy, apples, or ice.
  • Avoid the dentist or put off your visit.  The sooner you go to the dentist, the less likely it is that you will contract an infection or lose the entire tooth.

Colgate has a great reference page for what you can do if you are dealing with other tooth issues including cracked, broken, or split teeth.  Check it out here.

And remember, the most important thing to do with any tooth damage is to schedule a visit to your dentist right away.