General Dentistry Can Break the Cycle of Tooth DecayYou may not realize it, but just regular day-to-day life poses an intricate cycle that can easily lead to tooth decay. It is only with general dentistry visits that you can put a halt to tooth decay. To do so means first understanding just how this cycle works and how to break it.

It takes certain conditions for tooth decay to happen, so taking steps to halt this condition is the way to avoid it. First of all, tooth decay requires bacteria. You can break this chain of the cycle through good oral hygiene habits. We most often learn these habits from our parents, but that doesn’t always happen. It’s never too late to learn, though, and most general dentistry offices are more than happy to educate you on this vital deterrent to tooth decay.

Another chain in the cycle is having a diet overloaded with carbohydrates. Studies show that this can adversely affect your oral health and lead to tooth decay. The most common culprits are sugars, candy and sodas. You can reduce your chances of tooth decay by eliminating or reducing these from your diet, or at least brushing after you have consumed these things. Keeping up with regular visits for general dentistry is also beneficial in this regard.

If you have questions about how general dentistry can help you avoid tooth decay, we welcome you to give us a call at Amberwood Dental Centre in Newmarket, ON. We want to see you stay cavity-free your entire life, and we’ll be glad to help you do that.